We make connections

what is connectr?

We make connections between you and your crowd, who ever they are, where ever they may be.

Connectr is a service designed specifically for mobile devices so people can give & get information whilst on-site or within sight, not at some time later….. or never.

Connectr uses a series of purpose built “applets”. You select which applets you want to use and we release them as a single web-app. We can even create custom applets to complete your package.

You might need a feedback and guide app for a weekend festival or a booking confirmation and location app to be used all year round.

All the benefits of a custom app with none of the hassles.

It doesn’t need to be downloaded from an app store or signed into.

It doesn’t care what brand of phone or tablet.

It is already connected to lots of useful backend stuff (like email, SMS & other apps).

It just works.

how does connectr work?

How Connectr Works

Get the dialogue activated via SMS, email or QR code to name a few. If you know your crowd, you can go directly to them with a sms or email. If you don’t know your crowd, we’ve got ways to encourage the uptake of your campaign.


Your crowd can get connected on their preferred device – via mobile, tablet or computer – when they like. There are no apps to download and no convoluted sign up options.


Keep the conversation flowing with our real time dialogue. It means you can get responses to each query one at a time which will keep your crowd interested – and your campaign uptake strong.


We’re able to keep the conversation open or close it out with a final message to your crowd – a digital flyer advertising another event or feedback opportunity or promotion – which will enrich your communications.


You’re able to generate a report following your campaign in real time, immediately, now. Which means you’ve got more time to generate action based on the feedback from your crowd. Or plan your next Connectr engagement, communication or campaign.


'Goal Support' is our unique approach to help people achieve their behaviour and practice based goals. Contact us to find out more.

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